The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness: A guide for small businesses

The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness: A Guide for Small Businesses

The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness: A Guide for Small Businesses

Unlocking the Power of Customer Awareness to Drive Business Growth

Ever feel like your business is speaking a different language than your customers? You're sharing on social media and in emails but getting nothing but crickets? 

It's called customer awareness, and most small businesses struggle because they aren't on the same page as your prospects. It's like trying to help someone without knowing what they truly need. 

The secret? Meet them where they are and solve their problems. In this guide, we'll break down the five key stages of customer awareness, making it easy and clear to connect with your audience.

Let's Set The Stage

Meet Jamie. A 35-year-old small business owner in the wellness industry. She's recently read about using customer awareness in her marketing to grow her company. Jamie is hungry for knowledge. She is active on social media, reads marketing blogs, and listens to podcasts. However, despite her enthusiasm, Jamie is not a marketer or aware of "customer awareness" and its stages. "Where do I start?" she wonders.

Let's guide Jamie and small business owners like her through this crucial journey. By understanding each Stage of customer awareness, you can identify where your potential customers stand and effectively move them from one Stage to the next.



In today's digital world, it's easy to think that a few social media posts are the secret sauce for success. But marketing is more intricate. You need the right combination of Message, Audience, and Timing - the three pillars that uphold effective marketing.


Why the Right Message Matters

Jamie isn't alone in her quest for clarity. Eugene Schwartz wrote a book called "Breakthrough Advertising" in 1966. The book emphasizes the importance of meeting customers where they are in their journey as it relates to your business. Customers differ in their levels of understanding, needs, and awareness. It's vital to match your message to their current Stage.

5 Stages of Customer Awareness: Pillars of Effective Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Customer Awareness to Drive Business Growth

Attract Phase

Stage 1: Unaware

Imagine someone like Jamie, engrossed in daily business yet unaware of the potential challenges lurking. The goal here is to create awareness.

Content Creation for the Unaware: Create engaging content highlighting the potential gaps in their current strategy. Ask questions that evoke self-awareness.

Eye-catching Headline: "Could Your Wellness Business Do More? Discover What You Might Be Missing!"


Stage 2: Problem Aware

Jamie knows there's a problem. But what's the solution? Content here should focus on highlighting these common issues and hinting at solutions.

Crafting Content for the Problem Aware: Dive deep into everyday challenges and show empathy. Offer insights into possible solutions.

Engaging Headline: "Wellness Entrepreneurs: Unraveling the Customer Journey Mystery."


Delight Phase


Stage 3: Solution Aware

Our avatar, Jamie, is now actively hunting for a solution. This Stage should put your answer in the spotlight.

Guidelines for Solution-Oriented Content: Showcase how your solution bridges the gap. Share testimonials and success stories.

Striking Headline: "Discover the Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Wellness Business."


Stage 4: Product/Service Aware

Jamie's intrigued by a solution, but is it the right one? Dive deep into your product/service details here.

Content Tips for the Product-Curious: Highlight unique selling points. Address any potential doubts and reservations.

Power-packed Headline: "The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Customer Awareness in Wellness."


Engage Phase


Stage 5: Most (Brand)Aware

Jamie's on the brink of commitment. What she needs now is that final push.

Content Crafting for the Nearly Convinced:

  • Share limited-time offers.
  • Address any lingering questions.
  • Simplify her decision-making process.

Magnetic Headline: "Embrace the Future of Wellness Marketing Today!"

Bill Gates Customer Experience Quote. Customer Awareness

Ensuring Repeat Customers

Once Jamie has adopted your solution, her journey doesn't end. Aim to convert her into a loyal advocate.

Unpacking the Customer Awareness Puzzle: Your Questions Answered

Small business owners like Jamie often have many questions swirling in their heads. Let's dive into the most common ones about customer awareness:

  1. How Can I Identify Which Stage My Potential Customers Are In?

Look for clues in your audience's behavior. The content they engage with, the questions they ask, and even the feedback they give can tell you a lot. For Jamie, if a visitor is skimming through general wellness tips, they're likely in the Unaware Stage. However, someone diving deep into comparisons of wellness packages? That's a sign they're Solution Aware.

  1. How Do I Effectively Move Customers from One Stage to the Next?

It's all about connection and trust. Say Jamie finds a group in the Problem Aware Stage. She can then share content, blogs, or videos focusing on specific wellness challenges and solutions. Offering value is the golden ticket.

  1. What Digital Tools Can Help Me Gauge and Boost Customer Awareness?

For those not super tech-savvy like Jamie, there are user-friendly tools that can help. Google Analytics is a great place to start for understanding website traffic. Platforms like HubSpot can be invaluable for a deeper dive into customer behaviors. Incorporating your customer awareness stages into your CRM can be an excellent strategy for creating tailoring content for each stage.

  1. Are There Any Best Practices or Common Mistakes to Watch Out For?

Absolutely! First and foremost, don't try to be everything to everyone. Jamie's realized the importance of tailoring her approach to where her customers are on their journey. Consistency is another must-have; sporadic marketing can lead to mixed messages, causing potential customers to switch off.

The Journey Ahead: Meeting Everyone Where They Are

Remember our friend, Jamie? Now, she is on her way to mastering customer awareness by incorporating insights using these marketing resources. She understands that everyone is on a unique journey. As a small business marketer, her goal is to meet them where they are and address their pain points.

If you're in the same boat as Jamie, remember: Your potential customers are on a journey. Your content is their roadmap. We know marketing and understand which stage your customers are in awareness. So we're working on a new guide called: 

A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Customer Awareness

Save this article for when the free downloadable checklist offering actionable items for each stage is available. All to set you on the right foot by leveraging customer awareness.

In Conclusion

We're all traveling on our unique paths, seeking solutions and connections. As small business marketers, it's our privilege and responsibility to meet our customers where they are and illuminate their way. 

Every journey matters, and so does every solution.

Here’s to illuminating your path,

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