Transformational Brand An ADHD Coach Success Story

Transformational Brand: An ADHD Coach Success Story

Meet Alberta: A Dedicated and Certified ADHD Coach


In this success study you'll meet Alberta. She has been working as an ADHD coach for more than four years and has helped many people improve how they handle their ADHD. But as her business grew, she faced a new problem: she needed to update her marketing plan and online presence to match her expanding practice.

Alberta recognized, "My most significant challenge lies in updating my website to reflect the growth and expansion of my work since I began my practice. I also wanted a business name and logo to resonate more effectively with my clientele."

The Challenge: Enhancing Visibility and Relevance


You can feel Alberta's enthusiasm for her job as an ADHD coach. But she wanted new ideas on how to market and promote her business. Specifically, she wanted to reach a wider range of clients who would benefit from her services.

Alberta's main goal was to update her brand and website to reflect her current practice, with a special focus on women, and find ways to attract more of them to her business.

Focal Point Coaching Project

The Solution: Comprehensive Rebranding and Messaging


To address Alberta's needs, we started by spending an entire day understanding her business's unique aspects and identifying her ideal customers. Inspired by her mission, we crafted a new name and brand logo that encapsulates her services' essence, accompanied by a clear tagline that immediately informs people about her work.

Collaborating closely with Alberta, we clarified her messaging to resonate with her ideal customers. We produced a comprehensive brand messaging guide to ensure consistency across all her marketing efforts. This was then followed by devising a strategic plan to amplify her message.

Our team then undertook the task of building a brand new website, ensuring it tells Alberta's story and clearly communicates how she helps her clients. Simultaneously, we updated her LinkedIn profile to broaden her reach and connect with more women seeking assistance with ADHD.

What We Created

To ensure a comprehensive transformation, we provided:

  • A VIP Day Experience for intensive brand discovery
  • Brand Personality Development to align with her ideal customers
  • Brand Naming and Identity Creation that resonates with her services
  • Crafting of a Clear and Concise Tagline
  • Development of Brand Messaging and Identification of Ideal Client
  • Creation of a Brand Messaging Guide for consistent marketing
  • Design of a Marketing Strategy tailored to her goals
  • Website Copy, Design, and Development that tells her story
  • Social Media Updates and Content to expand her online presence
Alberta Neilson: Founder of Focal Point ADHD Coaching's Testimonial

Client's Kind Words

"Darla gets you going and keeps the momentum. She has tremendous stamina to help me push through moments I feel stuck. I am also gaining so much more clarity.

I highly recommend Darla. She made me do the hard work I NEVER wanted or could do alone. It is all the work behind defining and clarifying why I do what I do. Now I’m confident my business will improve." - Alberta Neilson Focal Point ADHD Coaching

Final Words

Helping Alberta develop a new brand was extremely rewarding. We worked together, and now Alberta feels more confident and has all she needs to grow her business and help more people.

Working with Alberta again showed us that we love supporting businesses and organizations passionate about their work. We can't wait to see her business grow and positively impact more women's and clients' lives.

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