6 Secrets Of A Powerful Marketing And Sale Funnel

6 Secrets Of A Powerful Marketing And Sale Funnel

"You have to tell a story before you can sell a story." - Beth Comstock

It may sound hard to believe though there are secrets to building powerful marketing and sales funnels.

Business is challenging in any economy. Add in a global pandemic, and you have only more competitive noise. 

To be in business in 2020 is not for the faint of heart. Everyone wants to have these three "C's": clarity, confidence, and conversions.

To have all three of these, you'll need a clear message that speaks to the right people: those you can help most with your expertise and experience. Then, you'll have to build a relationship that leads them on a journey to becoming customers.

In the marketing world, this is called a marketing and sales funnel.

Now more than ever, you need a sales channel because it equals survival. The challenge is most small business owners don't have a revenue funnel or sales process set up.

Do These Marketing Tactics and Strategies Sound Familiar?

  • Using tactics like networking or social media as your form of marketing

  • Driving people to your website with little results

  • Sending out a newsletter that never gets opened

When you build your business on the sand, you set yourself up for failure. Every business needs a solid marketing foundation.

Take the time to set up your foundation, and your marketing will not be so hard. It may take you a few months, but if done correctly, it will be to your benefit.

Here are the six core elements of a successful marketing machine.


  1. A clear marketing message

    • This is the BEST secret of developing a powerful sales funnel. Know the story you are telling and make it clear how you can help your customers FIRST. 

  1. A compelling statement that answers what you offer (a one-liner)

    • Develop a statement that clearly tells people the problem you solve and who it's for. These are words you can use in a multitude of ways.

  2. A website home page that converts with persuasive copy and design

    • With about five seconds to grab your audience's attention, setting up your website home page right is a powerful way to engage your audience. 

  3. A captivating lead magnet to get people to join your list

    • Often left undone, a compelling lead generator will help you continue to talk to your audience through emails. 

  4. A space of NURTURE to build your relationship within

    • Once people are on your list, keep talking to them, and deliver value to them. This is an important step in building your relationships. 

  5. A series of sales emails to ask for the sale.

    • Now that you have their attention and you've offered valuable resources and information to help them, create a series of emails and ASK for the sale. 

Marketing And Sales are Core to Growing Your Business

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"A Sales Funnel = Survival"  - Don Miller

It shouldn't be so hard to grow your business.


I get it. I know how hard it can be, because I was you. For years, I'd read that you need a marketing and sales funnel. Like many, I struggled. Once I took the time to learn and set up a reliable marketing channel, my business took off. 

Now as a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I work with companies and individuals to set up their marketing funnel. Recently, I started coaching others on how in the Story Marketing Success Program. Together with another StoryBrand Guide, I'm offering this economical "done with you" option. Current and past members are raving about their success!

Here's an easy plan to get started developing your marketing funnel:

1. Invest time in setting up a marketing and sales funnel.

2. Hire help if you don't know where to start or get stuck.

3. Once you build your marketing channel, keep iterating.

4. Watch your business grow.


Developing a robust customer experience through your marketing funnel is the best way to grow your business. It will help your business be sustainable in any economy.

Want help or to discuss how to build your marketing and sales funnel? Reach out.

Stop spending your precious time with little results. Make it easier for people to do business with you with a powerful conversion channel. Then watch your business grow.

Here's to your success!

Darla Kirchner