Mtg VIP Day

Marketing VIP Day

Transform Your Marketing in Just One Day

Say Goodbye to Marketing Frustration and Hello to Business Success

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Gain More Confidence

Reach More People

Grow Your Business

We get it. Marketing is hard to understand and time consuming.

Does this sound familiar?

Struggle to get leads and sales

Struggle to get leads and sales

No visibility and credibility

Can't get traffic to your website

People don't understand your business.

No social media engagement

No one's opening your emails

Frustrated business man

That all changes when your messaging, story, and words change.

One VIP day with us will save months of frustration, effort and energy spent trying to get it right!

Best Ideal Client
Clear, Concise Messaging
Plan of Action

Best Client identified

Understand exactly who your ideal client is and what they want.

Clear, Concise Messaging

Define your company's story so prospects and customers can't resist.

Solid Action Plan

Your exact next steps for marketing and business success

$1000 off with code SPRING2023

Here’s how to get the most out of your VIP Day Experience

Complete the Pre-work within 48 hours

Reserve the Day to be Completely Present

Be Open Minded to Focus and Grow

Client Success Stories

My messaging was too difficult to nail down by myself. Now, I have everything I need to confidently tell the world what I do in a way that they will "get it."

Darla's unique combination of marketing expertise, storytelling skills, and creativity helped me immensely. She listened to my needs and provided personalized guidance that exceeded my expectations. Work with Darla and clarify your marketing strategy. You won't regret it!"

Bev Fleming, Owner / Sales Prophit

"When I first approached Darla, I thought I only needed a website design. But as we worked together, I quickly realized the importance of a strong brand and messaging that resonated with my target audience. 

I've been so happy with the work that I continue to use their services for my monthly website updates. If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Darla and her team at Kirchner Marketing."

Will DeClercq

As a business development and marketing leader, I struggled to apply Storybrand principles to our complex B2B manufacturing process. But with Darla's help, we now have a clear communication strategy that effectively conveys our unique value proposition to potential clients.

Thanks to her expertise, my team and I feel confident in our ability to attract and engage prospects, knowing exactly what sets us apart and how we make our clients' lives easier.

Darla went above and beyond to understand our business and tailor their approach to meet our needs. She took the time to delve into our complex manufacturing process and target customers, creating marketing language that speaks directly to our audience.

If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Darla. She goes above and beyond and is genuinely passionate about helping businesses and people succeed.

- Nick Eidem

I was over-complicating my marketing message and confusing my target clients. Working with Darla helped me to dig deep into what my target client is looking for. Having the guidance of a StoryBrand coach put me at ease about having an effective marketing plan to continue to grow my business.

I highly recommend Darla to anyone who is starting their business or wanting to take it to the next level. Darla effortlessly guides you through the Story process and framework.

- Katie Schneider

If you are challenged by your messaging and have a hard time communicating what you do, what your business offers, and how you can be the guide your clients seek, then you need to work with Darla."

"She will help you clarify your messaging and help you achieve your goals much more quickly than if you were to do it on your own. Let Darla take over."

- Ed T.

Client Case Study

VIP Case Study Deliverables for Raw Replenish

Raw Replenish Healthy Cafes

Working with Darla during a VIP Day was a game-changer.

She provided me with a customer-focused strategy to help me create more effective content. Her advice and wisdom gave me a solution to my overwhelm with messaging and marketing, leaving me feeling more clear and focused with distinct action steps to follow.

Darla has a wealth of information and knowledge. She provides clear and understandable messaging that gives you a boost of confidence in your marketing strategy."

Kate Coleman | Raw Replenish Owner/Franchise Owner

Included with Every VIP Full Day Experience:

  • VIP Kick-off Call
  • Brand Personality Quiz and results
  • 60-minute Brand Personality Discovery Session
  • Pre VIP Day Planning Guide, Folders, and Agenda
  • Full Day VIP experience ( in-person or over Zoom) with:
    • Your brand personality
    • Your ideal customer/client
    • Your Brand Story Message
    • Exact next steps for marketing success
  • Post VIP Day Deliverables:
    • Comprehensive Brand Message Guide with:
      • One-liner intro/Elevator pitch
      • Testimonials that impress
      • Website header content
      • Email Sales Copy
      • Lead-generator Ideas & Titles
      • Website header concept
      • Social media post/graphics
      • Marketing Resources and Checklist
    • Post-intensive brand guide review session
  • 30 days post-intensive support period


Investment: $4000

Kirchner Marketing VIP Day Brand Message Guides

$1000 off with code SPRING2023

We Keep Our VIP Process Simple:

Step 1

Book your VIP Marketing Day

Sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

Step 2

Get the VIP Treatment

Be expertly guided throughout the Day to nail your message and find the right words for your marketing.

Step 3

Celebrate and Share

Start using your new knowledge quickly to break through the noise and toast to your new found confidence!

Let's Get Started!

Book a call and we'll discuss the VIP day benefits with you and answer any questions.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Have more questions? Book a 30-minute call. We're happy to answer any questions.

Darla Kirchner, Kirchner Marketing Owner

Hi, I'm Darla

Are you tired of struggling with DIY marketing or under delivering and overpriced marketing agencies? I get it because I've been there before. But the good news is, you're in the right place now.

With over 25 years of experience, I've worked with companies worldwide, from small to large corporations. As a StoryBrand trained guide, I use brand storytelling and psychology to help clients create clear and engaging customer-centric experiences in today's ever-changing and noisy world. Ultimately, our goal is to help your business grow and make the impact you desire.

At Kirchner Marketing, we take a personalized approach to our work. We get to know each client and their unique business needs to help them tell their company story by weaving customers into it. We'll hold your hand through the VIP day experience and provide ongoing guidance as you navigate your marketing journey. Don't let the overwhelming marketing world hold you back from achieving your business goals.

Certified Brand Strategist
The Ethical Marketing Seal
Certified Brand Storyteller

Make Your Marketing Work Fast with a VIP Day

Stop wasting time and start growing your business with confidence, knowing that your marketing is working for you. Our VIP Day is designed to help you get clear, save time, and give you the tools to succeed.

You deserve your marketing to work. Fast. The Marketing VIP Day provides just that.