3 Reasons Why It’s So Important To Share Your Story


Sharing Your Story is So Important To Build Your Brand 

It can be challenging to be vulnerable and be visible. As a small business owner, sharing your story is a perfect way for potential customers to understand who you are. More importantly, a clear message will convey how you can help people.

People Are Drawn To Stories.   

Stories have been around for thousands of years.  We, humans, are drawn to stories because they are a sensemaking device.  We understand stories.

Facts Tell and Stories Sell

Stories have been around for thousands of years.  We, humans, are drawn to stories because they are a sensemaking device. We grew up reading and listening to stories.  The fact is, we mesmerized by them.

Here Are Three Reasons Why It's So Important To Share Your Story

1. Stories help customers to relate to you. 

Stories have been around since the beginning of man.  The first men and women used storytelling to share their lives and to record their knowledge.   We use stories every day. It could be to share a story that happened over the weekend or in our business to share about our new offering.  The fact is stories work. 

Brand Story Strategy Tip: 

  • Make a list of categories of stories about your expertise and in your niche.  Add ideas, topics, and title ideas for each section. Then set aside time to start writing.  Block time and turn everything off. Use a timer and set it at 25 minutes, so you remain focused.   

2.  Stories Help Customers Connect To You.  

Stories are a sensemaking device.  They tap into our emotions, share our personality and values.  All of which helps potential customers see what our brand stands for.   

Think of Patagonia.  Primarily a clothing store, they are a leader in sharing environmental stories. Why? It's their reason for being.  To be "in business to save our home planet." That's a pretty compelling story to share and is weaved throughout their brand.

Brand Strategy Tip:

  • Share stories about your values and why you do what you do.  If you're struggling to understand why you do what you do, check out Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" book or listen to his Ted Talk. 

3. Stories Give Your Business A Competitive Edge

We live in a noisy world with only seconds to grab customers attention.   Using stories in your marketing strategy will help you stand out. Sharing stories that are vulnerable and in your personality will help build a stronger bond to your audience.  Better yet, share stories with empathy. Show you care, and you understand how they feel. 

Brand Strategy Tip:

  • Share stories of empathy.  Ask yourself, how do I relate to my customers' situation or problem?  Show you care, and you understand how they feel. 

Focus Your Stories On Your Customer

Make them the hero of the stories you tell.   By making them the hero and you the guide, you will build better trust.  Don Miller states, "People trust those who understand them, and they trust brands that understand them too."  

Brand Strategy Tip:

  • Position your customer as the hero in your story.  You should focus on being a guide; then you will be seen as a trusted resource to help them overcome their problems. 


Sharing stories is more than a great marketing tool.  It's good for your business.

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Darla Kirchner Brand Story + Marketing Strategist

Darla Kirchner is a brand story and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses with 30 years of brand design and marketing experience. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, Darla understands the importance of creating a narrative that helps her clients be easily seen, heard, and understood. She guides her clients through a proven story process and infuses it throughout their brand and marketing process, so their business grows.

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