Secret Guide To Understand Why Your Marketing Should Matter

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Secret Guide To Understand Why Your Marketing Should Matter

You Are The Head Marketer of Your Business

"We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You." Tom Peters wrote this in his self-published book in 2005 entitled "A Brand Called You."

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I was reminded of this after attending a holiday arts and crafts show with my neighbor. 


As we strolled by the booths, my marketing head started to spin. Many booths were nice, while some were exceptional. I, of course, gravitated toward the more professional booths. 


Why? Because they looked better. Presentation is vital when you are marketing. 


One of the booths I wandered into was a local soap and lotion company. While I browsed, the man sitting in the back smiled though he didn't approach me. So I was wandering out of the booth when a woman came in towards me.  


The soap founder introduced herself as the owner and started telling me about her products. She shared everything the soaps contained, like shea butter and other ingredients that I don't remember.  


She made a fatal mistake. She never asked me if I had any questions or was looking for anything in particular. That was her first mistake. And it was a big one. 


Her second mistake was running out of business cards. And her third mistake was suggesting I find her on social media.  


The reason why I'm sharing this story is because I've been on in her shoes. After working in digital marketing the last eight years, I know how vital it is to have a strong marketing strategy.  It doesn't matter if you are a business who makes soaps at home or if you are Proctor and Gamble, a solid marketing plan and strategy will help your business grow.

Here Are My Marketing Tips

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As the leader of her company, her priority should be fulfilling her client's needs, wants, or problems. Or at least asking potential customers these questions.  

At its basic level, this is called "market research," and it's essential. Every business can and should be researching.  



As a business owner, be prepared to market anytime. Focusing only on the products (or services) and not on marketing is a huge mistake.


Asking potential customers to work to find you is never a good idea. Make it easy for customers to do business with you or to follow you on social media.

Remember, we live in a busy world. Unless you have a marketing strategy to consistently keep in touch or share value, your audience will lose interest.

They will move on. 

As the Head Marketer, You Have to Make it Easy for Customers  to Buy


Recently I wanted to purchase some candles from a local small business in my new town as gifts for my clients.  I reached out and asked if they had a corporate program.  They provided three options that were confusing to me.

One was to purchase their candles online w/ a small discount. However most of the candles I was interested in stated they were out of stock.

The second was to travel further to a retail show they were attending and to purchase what they had without a discount.

The third was to visit one of the local stores that carried their candles which was the best option.  They then reached out again and asked if I was coming to meet them.

I do care about supporting small business owners, heck I am one too.  Though I was confused and taken back with the lack of care I received.

A good marketer cares and wants to build relationships not just get sales. Sadly, I will likely look elsewhere for future corporate gifts. And I really like their candles. I'm looking for a partner who cares, and someone who will make it to work with them.

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Remember, You are the head marketer of your company. 

My Marketing Backstory

Many years ago, I'd purchased booths for years in local and regional art shows. Then I ran art shows in my community. It was during this time that I realized the marketing opportunities and responsibilities we have as business owners.  


The time I had working in these shows were priceless opportunities to be with consumers, potential customers to get their feedback on the products I was offering.  It was not just to make sales and get repeat business.


Don't overlook the opportunity to connect with people. To market and get feedback on your products and services. The moral of my little story is this: As the business owner or leader of your company, you are the head marketer.

Be that.

Embracing this title. It will serve you in multiple ways. 

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