Brand Yourself Series Part 1: Keys to Branding Yourself

What is branding really?  I created this Brand Yourself Series to get you on the right path. This is Part 1. Do you know the keys to branding yourself?  I can tell you this… branding is NOT just your logo and colors and tagline.  I believe your brand is the essence of your business

Keys to Branding Yourself

Okay so you are probably not Apple, Microsoft or Google.  Three of the all time top brands, I’m sure you have a perception of them all.   I know you are a busy entrepreneur, wearing multiple hats and maybe wondering why branding is so important.  Perhaps you’ve heard the “branding” buzz online by others.  Or you are think you have it covered because you spent good money (hopefully) on having a professional logo, colors and a great tagline.  Well, I hate to break it to you my friend, but branding is SO much more!

[Tweet ““Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~ Jeff Bezos”]

The BIG companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep an excellent brand presence.  Think of Apple.  They have almost a cult like following.  Yes, I’m one of them:)

Facts that about some of the brands you know:

My personal belief on branding:

  • Whether it’s your personal brand or your business brand it is the perception of who you are.  
  • Your brand is what and WHY your company mission stands for and embodied in your story, services and what you offering you create.  
  • Your brand is always consistent in sharing your story and offerings.
  • Your brand is in the hearts and minds of your community and your targeted audiences. 

I hope you enjoyed this first article of the Brand Yourself Series!

If you’re serious about getting visable and creating a branding that shines, then let’s chat!  I want you to standout in the crowded online marketplace with a clear message that becomes a homing beacon for your ideal clients.  When that occurs,  you’re ideal clients and target audience are magnetically drawn to your brand and can’t wait to work with you.  That’s what defining your unique and  purposesful brand story does!  
I have special times of the week to meet for virtual coffee:)  It’s FREE.  I’d love meet you and chat about you, your biz and brand!  So click on the button below to chat! 

As I evolve as a person and brand I realize that my purpose is the core of my business … is my brand story.  It’s also part of why I created the Creative Biz School community.

I created this Brand Yourself Series to help you take your brand to the next level.  To teach you success strategies that will save you valuable time so you can get further faster… and create success, and clearly be seen by YOUR target audience!

[Tweet “Your WHY is your FUEL. It’s the gas and the reason why you, the entrepreneur, will not quit”]

“If you are successful in creating a unique brand image, it will give you more control over your life and enable you to reap rewards — if it is the right image for your target audience. The reason is that if somebody really wants what you offer, they will have to pay your price.” Ira Kalb

Question for you:  What does your brand stand for and what’s your WHY?

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