Is Your Brand Pulling Your Fans Toward Your Business?


Is Your Brand Pulling Your Fans Toward Your Business?

Developing your brand is an ongoing process. Creating a clear strategy to connect to your brand to your audience is a powerful tool to use in your business. All to attract more customers and pull more fans so your business grows. The more human you make your brand, the better you'll pull more of your audience toward you. 

Listen to a story about how your brand can PULL raving your fans toward your business.

 One of the first questions I ask when beginning with a new client is "who's your audience."  Many times I hear, "everyone." My immediate reaction is sorry no - wrong answer.


The fact is everyone is NOT your audience or your clients. And you don't want them to be.


Most small business owners are in business to help others, and we'd all love raving fans. Listen to a little story that illustrates understanding the difference between who your audience is and isn't and a loyal fan. 


My family and I went to Chicago to visit my son, who just moved there after college. While we were there, we went to watch the Cub's play at Wrigley Field. My husband is a huge sports fan. Since he's from Chicago, he is also a die-hard Cubbies fan.


You see, not everyone LOVES sports as much as my husband. My son isn't a sports fan at all. In fact, he wouldn't have even gone to the game, except we purchased the tickets.  Our son could care less about the baseball or the Cubs.  It's just not his interest. 


While we were all enjoying the game, I noticed lots of Cubs fans and a fair amount of Cardinal fans throughout the seats. Each proudly wearing their team's shirts and hats.  All enjoying the game, many were bantering and sharing their love of their teams.


Just like in business, within all sports, some love a particular game. And within that sport, most enjoy a specific team. THOSE team fans are what you are looking for in your business.


You want the "die-hard" loyal fans who will follow you like those of the Chicago Cubs.  Fans that stay with you and share your business. 


After the game, we asked my son if he wanted a shirt and he politely said, no thanks. Remember he's not a sports fan and therefore he's not a customer for the Cubs. My husband, on the other hand, would purchase anything. He's a super fan.

Is our Brand Pulling Your Fans Toward Your Business?

Steps To Build Your Brand Fans

  • Identify your ideal brand fans.  

  • Listen to what your audience wants and needs. 

  • Create clear messaging so they understand how you can help them. 

  • Share how you can help those people.  

  • Most importantly, create something that matters to them. 


Start implementing these clear steps to start pulling your customers toward you and your business.  If you are struggling to find the right words to market your business, let's talk.


Here's to finding your fans!

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