Brand Yourself Series Part 2: How To Create A Positive Brand Experience

I believe every business starts with the intention to create a positive brand. Let’s face it, if you don’t your audience will have a perception of you, one way or the other… good or bad.  It will be what they talk about and think of when they see or hear your brand.

Brand Yourself Blog Series

“When businesses place a high value on the personal connection, they reinforce an authentic brand experience for everyone involved. That builds loyalty and trust which translates into a lasting and profitable company.” ~ Eagles Soar

How to the Brand Yourself Series Part 2

No one starts out with intentions to have or create a bad brand image.  I am surrounded with awesome entrepreneurs.  All of which I know want only to be perceived as professional, liked and trusted.  These ladies and gents work hard to create a positive brand experience every day for their audience.  Here’s are few things to consider when you are establishing your biz and brand.

How to Create a Positive Brand Experience:

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Ask yourself:

  • Does my brand give the best experience for someone?
  • Does my brand make people want to share and recommend my products or offerings?
  • With today’s online world being so small it’s imperative to your business.
  • Think of companies that you admire, be inspired by them

Some of my personal favorite companies are:

I’m a positive person always looking at the world with rose colored glasses:)  Rarely do I have anything negative to say or especially that I feel so strongly to share. This week I met an online challenge that had me pretty frustrated.  The good thing is, it inspired me to write this article.
How To Create A Positive Brand Experience

I had a bad brand experience:

I purchased a video software program and realized I would not use it.  I requested a refund, due to their 30 day return policy.
The company refused to refund my payment.  I only purchased it at the time because their sales page stated it was only available for a certain amount of time, creating scarcity AND that if I purchased it I would be able to return it.
I have never had a poor experience like this, and found the company misleading and with very poor customer service.
The worst part was:
  • Another online friend recommended it to me (whom I trust)
  • I told an online friend who also purchased it and is attempted to return it:(
So I feel awful for all of us.  And YES I am extremely frustrated that after several emails they will not refund my payment.  I do not work or want to be associated with companies that work in this manner…

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This is now my perception of this company’s brand.

I feel obligated to share my story of woe because:
  • I hope by sharing my story, you will learn a few key brand strategies.
  • You should always strive to create a positive experience, so people to know, like and trust you.
  • First impressions count.
  • Your brand is your audiences perception of you, good or bad.
  • I REALLY don’t want this to happen to you… or be you:)
 How To Create A Positive Brand Experience

I strive to be very positive

If you know me, you know I’m a very honest person.  I believe first impressions count, it’s part of people’s perception of you. So yes, It’s part of your brand.  Company’s that is not projecting a professional brand, that choose to mislead and do not have great customer service,  I will not order from them or recommend.  I have learned.
I will not share this company.  I don’t feel it necessary.  My goal in sharing my experience, is so you learn from my experience.  I hope by sharing my story, you strive to create only positive brand experiences for your audience.
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My goal is to offer exceptional customer service.  If you purchase from me and are not happy with it, I want to give you a refund. I want you to be happy and to only have a positive brand experience with me.  This week I realized if you are not nice on the internet, you are simply… not nice.  My advice to you is to

Create a solid and honest guaranteeand honor it!


I hope you enjoyed this first article of the Brand Yourself Series!

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