How to Attract the Right Customers


How to Attract the Right Customers

Attracting the right customers is crucial to growing your business, though many small business owners struggle to attract the right customers. We live in a noisy world where consumers can search for options right at their fingertips...and these savvy buyers want more from brands. 

The fact is, as a small business owner you have to keep up or get left behind.

Successful Small Businesses Do This To Attract The Right Customers:

  • Focus on the needs and desires of their ideal customers.
  • Share why they care and how they can help.
  • Create a clear plan and ask their customers to work with them.

Struggling Businesses Do This When Seeking New Customers:

  • Spend time on the wrong actions.
  • Confuse customers with their marketing.
  • Don't make the customer the hero of their story.

Marketing is always changing. We live in a very crowded world. Businesses can no longer make any old offer and reliably expect to see results: no one is entitled to results they did not earn.


Today, all brands need a customer-focused plan. Businesses that don't change their focus will struggle - because they are focused on their needs and not on what their customers need.

Sadly, It Happens Everyday

The children's specialty shop has to close because they aren't clearly talking to their target market; the budding coach who can't quit his day job because he's positioning himself as the hero; the artist who can't keep her studio open because she isn't focusing on the right marketing.

Consider These Strategies To Attract The Right Customers

  • Stop telling the wrong story. 

  • Put yourself in your customer's shoes. 

  • Understand your target audiences.

  • Understand their wants and problems. 

One of the most important ways to attract the right customers is to show you genuinely care.  Share empathy.  Because when you become customer-focused you'll attract and win more customers.

To your success, 
Darla Kirchner
Darla Kirchner Design and Marketing Strategy | Certified StoryBrand Guide

Darla Kirchner is a brand story and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses with 30 years of brand design and marketing experience. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, Darla understands the importance of creating a narrative that helps her clients be easily seen, heard, and understood. She guides her clients through a proven story process and infuses it throughout their brand and marketing process, so their business grows.

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