How the Storyline Conference Changed My Life

I learned about Don Miller through Michael Hyatt.  They are good friends and colleagues.  Don’s a writer and the founder of StoryBrand.  I joined his email list because I like Don, he seems genuine and I wanted to learn more.  When he shared that he was offering his Storyline Conference in Chicago, I KNEW I had to attend.  Attending the Storyline conference changed my life.


You see, I’ve been blogging consistently for a 2 years now.  I’m proud of it.  I’m finding my voice in my writing though I still struggle to truly capture what I do and how I feel in written content.  I want to be clear and share my life and my mission with intention.

I have dreams to become a writer.  I excel in visual storytelling, I can make almost anything look pretty and eye catching.  Personally, I LOVE great quotes, reading great books and watching great movies.   All of which require great storytelling.

I lack confidence in my writing.

My goal in attending the Storyline Conference was to learn how to become a better storyteller.  To learn tools to use in my own business.  I do believe content is King.  I’ve always wanted to tell my story better, share my business with ease and clarity.  I also want to help my clients and community write better content for their websites, emails, marketing, promotions and social media post.  Heck, I want to write them too!

Excited as a schoolgirl, I packed my bags and drove up to Chicago the day before.  As I drove the 6 hours up I-65 to Chicago I listened to Don’s new book, “Scary Close” on audible.  It was amazing, sad, funny, important and I began to understand Don better through his story.  As I was driving there were times I should have pulled over because I was crying,  so filled with emotion that I really shouldn’t have been driving (hey, I’m being honest here).

I made notes.  I remembered my stories as a child, adolescent, and adult.  I cried and smiled for that girl.


How the Storyline Conference Changed My Life

In more ways than I can say, write or express, this conference has changed my life.  I will be sharing my journey as it unfolds.

I believe…

We all have stories to tell.  Happy. Sad. Crazy. Heart-breaking. Hilarious.  All Important.  Amazing stories we probably keep locked away.

I wonder why?

Perhaps we feel they don’t matter.  Perhaps they are just too painful to recall.  Perhaps life simply got in the way.

I’m here to tell you, your story matters.

[Tweet “Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers. Dorthy Berhard”]

Now I realize it’s one of the reasons I love to hear and share other people’s stories.  I always have.  It’s one of the reasons why I started Entrepreneur’s On The Rise.  A blab show, where I interview other entrepreneurs, all of which have amazing, inspiring stories.

Now I realize it’s one of the reasons why I started blogging years ago, stopped and started again.

Now I understand that my story matters.  I want you to know that you story matters too!

There is SO much more that I want to share about the Storyline Conference.  Honestly, I keep telling everyone dear to me that it was a life changer! So I want to share more, do more and promise to be more.

It’s not the reason I attended the conference, it is what I experienced and learned.  There is simply too much to write in this first blog post.

How the Storyline Conference Changed My Life

I went to be a better storyteller for my business.  I floated away determined to be a better storyteller in my life.  

To be a better human.

 To live a better story. 

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I have a great deal to process.  I’ve vowed to work on my life plan.  I have stories to share…

So I created a new category called Stories Matter.  Check back or join my community to stay informed:)

Right after I returned from the Storyline Conference I put my creative hat on and listened to my heart.  I started a challenge for myself to be a better storyteller.  I’d be delighted if you want to join me!

Listen to Day 1 of my Challenge

How I’m starting to be a better storyteller:

  1. Live with intention
  2. Give yourself permission to be better.
  3. Plan to make time (in the morning) to write.
  4. Make yourself a priority.
  5. Start!

[Tweet “Be courageous! Do not let fear stop you from living your best life. @darla_kirchner”#dreamchaser”]

Here’s day 2/3 that I shared on Periscope and  You can catch my journey on Periscope and on Instagram. I hope this has inspired you.  You matter your gifts and life’s stories matter.  We can make a positive difference in this crazy world.

Let’s start today!

Darla Kirchner Brand, Visual Storyteller, Speaker




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