Hidden Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Hidden Powerful Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Hidden Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

"Do you ever wonder what the "hidden powerful marketing strategies are to grow your business?"

We all want to connect to our audience and grow our business. Having a solid strategy and process will help you save time and reach more of the right people, so your business grows.

When you embrace better marketing strategies, you'll reach those goals. I understand because I'm also a small business owner. Building strong marketing skills and techniques helped me grow my business.

Years ago, I had a brick-and-mortar studio. Although I took marketing classes, I didn't have a marketing degree. Early on, a mentor stated how important it is to spend 50% of our time marketing. Having this ingrained in my mind, I took many marketing courses over the years.

That was over 15 years ago. Today company total marketing budgets are between 5 to 12% of total revenue. [source]

Today, it's not "business as usual."

Because of COVID, our businesses have all shifted. It's not too late to start. Now is the best time to review your marketing efforts and develop a solid growth strategy. 

More and more businesses focus their efforts online, spending countless hours working on social media posts with little engagement or return on their investment. I work with these hardworking business owners every day to help these companies to create clear and compelling communications with their audience. 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I support businesses to build a strong marketing foundation that engages the right customers. This proven story process is the marketing strategy that works for thousands of companies all over the world.  

Is your business struggling? If so, you have to pivot your marketing strategy. More and more businesses are moving online out of necessity. Are you finding your online presence and efforts not working? If the answer is no, you need to create a strategy.

Here is where to start:

  • Work on your message and communications.  Most businesses are too close to their companies to see what their customers see, read, or hear. Since COVID, the world has shifted. Likely your customer's needs have shifted too. Your offerings, emails, and social media all need to talk about what your customers' problems are now. Work on your message and communications. 

  • Customers want to relate to your brand. People buy with their gut. They want to know, like, and trust you. The best way to start a good relationship is to lead with empathy when communicating with customers. People need to know you understand their problems. Ask yourself, how can I relate to my customer's problems?
  • Share your authority, credentials, and years of experience. Once your customers feel you understand, then you can share why you're qualified to help them. Better yet, share testimonials from happy clients. It always feels better to let other's sing your praises. 
  • Buyers are seeking help for something a solution to their problems. Can your company provide the answer? Over-communicate and share valuable information to help your audience. Don't forget the 80/20 rule. Offer 80% value content and only 20% on promotions and sales. When sharing, stay clear and consistent in all your marketing efforts.

If you've skimmed these hidden marketing strategies, Read this. For your marketing to work better, you need to implement these steps. This powerful blueprint will help you connect to more customers, so your business grows. 

Not sure how or where to start?

Book a call today. We will discuss your business struggles and goals to see If we are a good fit to accomplish your goals. 

Many new and seasoned business owners engage my services because they are struggling and ready for a change. I understand. We all start somewhere.  

Stop struggling in areas that are time-consuming and frustrating. I have been where you are. I care and have helped dozens of companies all over the world. I can help you so you can focus on what you do best. It's time to make your marketing efforts work.

With the right strategies, your business will have the staying power required to survive and thrive in any economy.  

Cheers to your success,

Darla Kirchner

P.S. Stop struggling with marketing that isn't working and give your business the momentum it needs. Book a Call today.