Email List Building Part 3: Basics + Expert Advice

When I began 20 years ago, I made plenty of mistakes.  But I knew in order to bring brand awareness and share my offerings growing my email list should be a priority.  So many entrepreneurs and start-up business owners ask me “what’s the best way to market my business”? 

With the growth of the internet, marketing online and social media has become the “shiny new toy”.  Yes, it’s very important to build your brand awareness.  It can be difficult to know where to focus your time.  So when I reflected on what I think is the best and first place to start I knew instantly:

Building your email list.

That is why I created this series dedicated to taking building their list seriously.

You may have heard the term “the money is in the list”.  I know it’s true and hope sharing my story has you thinking:)  I thought it would be beneficial to ask my online expert friends for their advice about email list building to share with you.

 Email List Building Advice from my Online Expert Friends:

  • “Building an email list is a vital component of any business.  If you are a serious business owner, you need to grow an email list.  It’s your bread and butter… and the only true thing you own.” ~Theresa Cifali
  •  “Focus on providing value to your list, but don’t forget to ask for the sale every once in a while.” ~Staci Ann
  • “Be consistent” ~Jennifer Runnels
  • “Build your list organically – purchasing lists ‘ain’t gonna’ work”  and “be honest, open, transparent and add value – look at what your audience want to hear about and not just what you want to tell them!” ~Kate Barrett
  • “Never buy lists – they just don’t work.” and “be authentic and write to them as if you are writing ONLY TO THEM. Think about what they want to read rather then what you want to tell them.”  ~Louise Griffiths
  • “BE relevant, look at the calendar ahead and tie your content in with mainstream events like holidays, special events (like Super Bowl and the Oscars) and common experiences (like the 1st day of summer or tax season.)”. ~Leigh Fowler
  • It’s “okay to share and be personable but just include one main CTA (call to action) per email.” ~Diana L Guerrero

Great advice for building your Email List Building from my online friends who are experts in their fields.  Click on their links and see more of what they offer.  You may even want to join their list too to learn more from them too:)

Here are some basics to consider:

1. Set up your account with a good email service provider.

  • Mail Chimp is free (up to 2000 emails), though I’m not a fan.
  • Constant Contact and iContact are both reliable and easy to use.
  • Get Response is my provider.  It’s perfect to maintain my growing list and has many other services for building your list.
  • Infusionsoft is the preferred host for businesses that have a huge list.

2. Only send information to those who have asked for it:

This may sound silly, but you can purchase list to send your information to.  I NEVER suggest purchase a list.

This may sound silly, but you can purchase list to send your information to.  I NEVER suggest purchase a list.  Grow your list organically and strategically.

3. Keep your emails engaging, personal and specific to YOUR topic.

When you are writing an email , be yourself.  Be engaging, be you and like you are writing a friend.  And last but not least, remember to be give great content.

Remember who your ideal client is and what will be useful to them.  Ask yourself “what do they want to know”?

4.  Include a call to action (CTA).  

I will often ask in my email’s to “click here” or “read more on the blog” or “click to tweet this”.  Marketing experts say ask for 3 CTA’s in your email is will result in  better results.

5.  Select a specific email day and stick to it.

Generally, Monday’s are the worst days to send emails and most people don’t open on the weekends.  Though I look forward to a weekly email every Saturday:) So the best way to know when is best for you is to TEST.

6.  Treat your email list people like GOLD!

These awesome people are your VIP’s!  Treat them with respect, honor their time and remember they subscribed to hear from you:)  And if they decide to opt out of your list, do not take it personally.  I know as creatives, this can be difficult, but remember it’s really not about you, it’s about them.

[Tweet ” “Your email list should be your number one priority, treat it as such.” Darla Kirchner “]

I hope the expert advice and my email basics inspire you to start building your list!

Now carve some time and get to work:)  I’m excited to share an interview with Email Expert guest, Kate Barrett.

Talk soon,

Darla Kirchner Brand, Visual Storyteller, Speaker


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