10 Reasons Why It Might Be time To Rebrand

Hopefully, you know your brand is much more than your logo, colors and having a catchy tagline.  Your brand is the essence of you.

Maybe you purchased a new biz and want to put your personal seal on it?  Or say your biz isn’t growing as fast as you want?  Is your ideal customers hearing or understanding what you are offering?

Perhaps it’s time to think about your branding.  Here is 10 reasons why it might be time to rebrand.


As a brand strategist, I love to work with a new branding clients!  In fact I’m working with an awesome client now who needs a rebrand.  Why?  Because they purchased a company and don’t want to change the Cafe name because it would confuse their  customer base.  So we are rebranding to fit their style,  mission and vision.

I love to work with amazing entrepreneurs and small biz owners, just like you.  Quickly we realize that there’s so much to do.  Unfortunately branding properly usually isn’t on the top of the list.  I get it, there’s a LOT to do when starting and running a biz!

I also understand how important it is to have your brand and create a awareness around your brand… especially when you are online.

Here’s two brand tips:

1. Start creating your unique brand story as soon as possible.

2. You should be branding your biz online whether you have a brick and mortar biz or an eCommerce biz.

When you are talking to someone face to face, they have an experience with you.  They get to see your personality, see a bit into what you are about and can form an impression.  When you are online you have seconds to create the same experience.  

It’s challanging!  I’m always tweaking my home page, landing pages and split test different pages to see what verbal message and visual content works better to reach my target audience.

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Branding takes time.  Unless you want to work with someone one on one, you will need to learn, test and measure what works and find a way to consistently share your story as you evolve your brand.

I’d like to save you a bit of time.  So I gathered 10 reasons why you might want to consider rebranding.  At the very least, I hope it will get you thinking more about the importance of your brand:)

10 Reason’s Why It Might Be Time To Rebrand:

1. Your brand doesn’t reflect your brand identity, vision or mission now… Perhaps it never did.

2. You don’t feel like you are standing out from your competition.

3. Your brand identity looks dated, boring or not reflecting your brand personality and or direction of your business.

4. You are embarrassed to send people to your website, hand out business cards or send to your social media sites.

5. You don’t have a consistent brand look or your kind all over the place with your brand awareness, designs, marketing and online promotions.

6. Your audience isn’t sure why they should buy from you, they don’t feel a connection to trust you.

7. You don’t feel you can charge the prices you want.

8. You are not attracting your ideal clients or target audience.

9. You feel like your marketing and social media aren’t working.

10. You and your biz has evolved or gone in a different direction and your brand hasn’t.

10 reasons why you might want to rebrand

I hope these 10 brand challenge reasons have you thinking about your branding more.  Just like we evolve and grow as people, your business and brand should too.  If you can relate to any of these reasons, you really should consider looking at your brand and your brand strategy.  Perhaps it’s time to consider a rebrand or new brand.

If you’d like to talk about your branding or how to create a better brand awareness, let’s chat!  I offer a free 30-minute chat and happy to talk about YOUR branding:)

I always want to hear from you and keep the conversation going so…

Here’s my question for you, is your brand identity working well for you or is it time to consider rebranding?

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