10 Reasons Why I Love Get Response

When I began Creative Biz School I understood the importance of growing your email list.  Over the years I’ve used 4 other email service providers. Today I’m excited to share with you 10 reasons why I love Get Response.  This is my #1 tool for email marketing and talking to my community.

 I’ve been a client of several email service providers.  A few years ago I was told by some online experts to Aweber.  So I moved service providers.  If you haven’t moved providers, it’s not fun.  It is definitely a process to it.  Especially when you start really optimizing email marketing with opt-in and email sequences.
I found Aweber very challenging to learn.  I thought it was a steep learning curve.  After a few months, I was able to use it better.  I thought it was me being tech challenged:)  Most of my training was by trial and error.  I didn’t find their customer service providers helpful at all, nor any great training at the time.
As my list grew I knew I needed to find another provider that was much more user-friendly.  Get Response was the answer. I don’ promote anything that I don’t personally use or know.  I’ve been using Get Response for several months now and now it’s time to share!  I’m ready to tell you all about my love of Get Response!
7 Reasons Why I Switched:

1. Get Respons is the easiest service provider I’ve ever used.

Hands down! They don’t call it the “World’s Easiest Email Marketing” for nothing!  I was able to quickly import all my contacts and begin designing.  It is simply the easiest I’ve used of all the others.

2. Unbelievable Customer Service.

I have ALWAYS been able to talk to someone.  Always!  During standard hours you can call and talk to one of their friendly support team and if you (like me) are working late at night or weekends they have a 24/7 Live Chat support via instant messaging.

3.  User-friendly Drag and Drop Autoresponder Calendar.

When I was shown this it blew my mind!  As a visual person, I LOVE this feature.  You can set up an automation email series and SEE it on the calendar. If you want to change any or add, it’s so simple to do. And if you get stuck, simply ask on the live chat:)

4. 500+ professionally designed templates for ease of use.

These are perfect for those who what ready made templates.  I happen to love the customized in  You can set up customized list

5. Easy to create opt-in boxes or what they call Webforms.

They have over 200 templates to choose from or you can design your own.  I’ve done it, so I know you can:)

6. Surveys for your audience.

Another feature I love is that I can quickly create a survey and send it to my list.  It’s a great way to find out what your audience needs and wants are.  Creating surveys is a free tool on Get-Response and easy to use.

7. Preview of your email message on mobile devices

YOu also have the abiliity to see your email on different servers.  Everyone is going more toward mobile friendly.  So should your emails, because odds are some of your community will be opening them via their phones or tablets.  I love that I can see it quickly as I’m designing!

8. Get Response offer’s FREE iStock images, over 1,000 images in fact.

It’s so convenient if you don’t have a branded image, to look in their bank of images!
9.  You can create landing pages and ability to split test the pages.
Get Response offers a upgrade to create landing pages.  They are very simple to use.  Once you have it set up, you can measure what your activity is.

10.  Get Response offers a FREE “Get Response List Building Program”.  

Okay, I’m a learner so when this came available I jumped on it!  The goal is to attract up to 10,000 subscribers in 90 days.  I’m working my way through the 180 day program once you sign up.
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Get Response cost Less than Aweber. 

Having used both services, I know all the differences between them both.  Even if  the price was similar, I’d still choose Get Response even if the price was the same.  Although like most entrepreneurs, I watch my overhead and this is a nice benefit too:)

Sign up for 30 days free!

If you are looking for a new service and still not sure, take it out for a test drive:)  Many of the email service providers offer a free trial.   My only suggestion is to make sure you are ready to test it before you start.  30 days will fly by before you know it.
So there you have it, my top 10 reasons why I LOVE Get Response.  Like I said earlier, I’ve tried many others.  Hand down this is the best email service provider I’ve found for what I’m doing.  I understand how important it is to focus, cultivate and grow my email community.  Using this great service has made what can be complex and challenging, much, much easier!
If you are thinking about switching or ready to grow your email list, I highly recommend you consider Get Response.  If you can’t tell yet, I’m very happy with their service!
Happy Email marketing,
Darla Kirchner Brand, Visual Storyteller, Speaker